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Orange You Impressed?

hand formed plexiglass rod trimmed with 24 kt gold electroform, pendant neck painting coated with painted fiberglass resin, 24 kt gold plated electroformed citrus bags, with citrine stone. one of a kind. wearable art.

price on request

call studio for more information 386-789-8010


Egypt Revisited

Gold plated Ceremonial Collar inspired by the King Tutankamen collection shown at the Metropolitan Museum, N.Y. in 1979.

Jeweled necklace, enameled links, set with turquoise, carnelian, lapis lazuli, 24 kt gold plated,

heshee, turquoise, agate beads, gold beads, satin cords with lotus pod ends set with turquoise, lapis, and carnelian, gold plated ferrules shown in a velvet lined plexiglass box that hangs on the wall as a piece of wearable art. original, one of a kind.

$4,500 plus shipping or Florida tax



Mourning Becomes Electric

electroformed copper and silver neck torque with amythysts

Worn by Victoria!

Wikipedia says: is Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz often used as an ornamental stone in jewellery. The name comes from the Ancient Greek a- ("not") and methustos ("intoxicated"), a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness; the ancient Greeks and Romans wore amethyst and made drinking vessels of it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.a purple variety of quartz often used as an ornamental stone in jewellery. The name comes from the Ancient Greek a- ("not") and methustos ("intoxicated"), a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness; the ancient Greeks and Romans wore amethyst and made drinking vessels of it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.


Herkimer Diamond necklace and holding Chatelaine, 24 kt gold plated with amythysts by Cecil Herring.

Beautiful photo taken by Alex Cohen


The President's Lady Laughs!

Former First Lady Betty Ford, Mrs Gerald R. Ford, shown wearing the constructed sterling eagle pendant

I was commissioned to create for her as a gift for her participation in the dedication of Creel Elementary

School, 1976 in Melbourne, Florida.

Mrs Ford sent me this picture along with a nice letter from the White House!

Mrs. Ford holds eagle pendant.


(also see sculpture)

This work was selected as art work of the day for Oct. 10, 2007 by Absolutearts.com


hand and heat formed clear plexiglass neck sculpture

one of a kind

sterling sections and rivet sunk tubes, copper wire, gold electroform, plexiglass orb

$1100 + shipping and handling

"Alligator Shoes"

One day as I sat day dreaming, I started thinking about strange names people have given shoes: alligator shoes, pumps, mules, saddle shoes ...loafers, sneakers.

' Hmm,' I thought. 'Alligator shoes could be created with my electroforming medium. What fun that would be!'

I scupted the models in wax, coated them with silver colloid to make the wax conductive, attached negative terminal leads and then submerged them in a 50 gallon sulfuric acid plating bath with large copper anode bars on the positive terminals. I used a rectifyer for direct current, set up agitation, filtration and temperature control.They stayed in the copper bath for several days slowly plating over the models made conductive. After about 3 days, I had strong copper forms. During this process, I mounted and plated on agate stones for eyes. After I had strong enough electroforms I melted out the wax, electrocleaned and then silver plated them. Later, I used a light polyurathane foam by inserting a nozzle inside and ran the liquid 'prefoam'into the cavities. The foam expanded and hardened making the 'shoes' light but tough.

I dyed satin and sewed the the linings and tops with little peaks to match the reptilian prehistoric look for my creations. These shoes are actually wearable art but I don't think anyone would want to wear them for long. Gator lovers would love them though.

I no longer use this medium due to its toxicity. I spent years working with many dangerous chemicals in my different mediums, paints, plastics, metals, spray paints, solvents, ketones, acetones, welding flux, pickling compounds, sprayable vinyl and polishing rouges. My doctor told me to quit all I was doing. And after a long hospital stay I sold all my equipment and went back to college to get a BA.

It's a miracle I'm still alive!

Price on request. call studio 386-789-8010 or e-mail.

These wearable art works are one-of-a-kind originals

"American Brathic"

private collector, Miami

24 kt. gold electroformed, jeweled with turqoise, amythyst, garnets and peridot, flowers, fruit, leaves and little tacks revealing my true edgy angry nature. Little drawings of a Mayan Man on one side faces an angry Mayan Woman on the other side. It was lined with black velvet with a gold chain threaded through the opening at the top and clasped around the neck. It was truly for wearing. for wearing! Curved plexiglass display case.

Miami Herald Tropic Magazine, Dec.1979, cover story on wearable art, featured my gold bra sculpture, "Anerican Brathic" on cover worn by a beautiful young model in a tropical sarong. I will post that Tropic Magazine cover sometime when I get time. It was kind of cute! The headline read "If you can hang it you can wear it!"

American Brathic II (a close approximation of American Brathic I)

©Cecil Herring 2006

Bra II is available for purchase.


Mean Little Darling II is a Russian sable boa with a 24 kt. gold plated sculptured sable head with jade eyes and an 80 kt. smokey topaz jewel in its teeth. The head was lined with brown velvet with the boa sewn inside so it seems to be the head of the fur. It fits around the body in a normal way. The boa has clips to hold the sable head onto my shoulder.

I created the model out of sculpture wax and used the same process I used as above for the Alligator Shoes except I used 24 kt gold plate over nickel for this work.

"Mean" gets a lot of attention when worn to an arty party


Queen of the Night Helmet

Celtic Crown for Queen of the Night ceremony,

Weighs 12 oz.

Electroformed, silver plated, jeweled with semi precious stones, watermelon tourmalines, topaz, chrysocolla, chrysaprase, garnets, pink and green tourmalines, rose quartz, amythyst, lined with black velvet with little loops to attach pins in the hair. Signed in tiny silver wire inside.

price on request.

Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag

electroformed 24 kt. gold plated evening purse with green eyes and a real ruby tonque.

Purse has hinged opening on side with black silk lined interior.

9" high, 6 deep, 4 wide, cord holder attached to 'collar.'

weight 10 oz.

Price on request

May Queen Crown

jeweled crown, electroformed, 24 kt. gold plated lilies of the valley and leaves intertrined. Flowers jeweled with peridot, watermelon tourmalines, crysacolla, jade.very lightweight. Weighs 9 oz. Hair may be intertwined in imaginative ways.

price on request


Self Portrait Neck Pendant

Electroformed flat hanging wearable breast plate with shell with resin embedded self portrait on rice paper, set wotj chrysaprase, carnelians, tourmaline, garnets, amythysts, and jade. MacDonald's coffee spoons were plated and held the neck cord set in chriscolla. ( these have become relics since McDonald's discontinued using them years ago. You can see the little Ms). Beaded hangings, 24 kt gold plated. strung with hanging bead attachments, gold plated ferules, coral, moon stones, amythysts. Collection of the artist©

Claudia Fan Mask Mirror

Electroformed fan and jeweled mask of Claudia in front and tiny mirror set in back,

amythyst eyes, topaz and crysaprase jeweled hair. Hidden holes to see through, jeweled handle, blue ostrich tip feathers

Sold to a Miami Collector



"Flamingo Mating Jacket" ©1979

Silk charmeuse coat.

Hand-dyed and painted in a Japanese method with proscean dyes.Quilted and lined with silk.

Clasps made with tiny electroformed gold plated and opal eyed flamingos. Flamingo couple on the back.


Rose Coat

Hand painted, quilted satin rose coat.

Worn at OVAL's Benefit Party 2001


Flag scarf commemmorating 9/11

"God Bless America"

God Bless America Double American Flag, scarf, hanging by Cecil Herring©2001

34" wide by 29.5" on 100% silk habotai for a flag, scarf, to frame or hang. Printed on 16mm silk on the artist's 36" inkjet digital printer. Hand hemmed with silk thread. One of a kind. Hand signed.

Dated 9/ll/2001

Not for sale


"Egypt Revisted," commemmorating the American showing of the famous Tutankamen Exhibit, Metropolitan Museum, New York, N.Y., 1979.



"Egypt Revisited"


Ceremonial Collar.

24 kt gold plated electroformed, enameled sections, handcarved turquoise and lapis lazuli scarab clasp, coral,turquoise and gold filled tube heshee connections. Lotus pods jeweled with carnelians and turquoise. Satin, handsewn cord.


Inspired by the jewels of KingTutankamen


Collection of the artist.

"Moon Butterfly Vest"

Hand painted hand made quilted satin with electroformed relief sculpture face

of my daughter Claudia. 24 kt gold plated Jeweled with moonstone, sewn on.


In collection of the artist.



"Green Magic"


Neck jewel.


Green plexiglass heat formed rod 24 kt gold plated ends with hanging hooks. Fried Green Marbles on 24 kt gold plated, electroformed pendant. Fastens with neck torque and hooks at top. Lightweight electroform.

Collection the artist.©Cecil Herring


"Tiger Rag"

Black velvet jacket with 24 kt gold plated tiger with plexiglass and onyx eyes sewn on the back with "paw prints" front opening. Framed.

price on request


"Time Frazier" Neck Piece of electroformed gold, plastic, cherry amber, plumber's parts, sterling silver.

Collection of the artist.©1976



Mink belt or shoulder circlet

24 kt gold electroformed clasp

with opal eyes

Price on request or contact absolutearts.com to make arrangements.



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