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Original Spacescapes® Trademark History

Spacescapes® was awarded a trademark 12/26/2000 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Currently: I got sick with irreular heart beat in 2008 and eventually had to get a pacemaker. I was too sick to do the things required to keep my trademark active. I now have reapplied for a new Spacescapes© trademark. I have used the name since 1971, making 40 years of continuous use, I have had my website posted continuously since 1997.


Exhibition Card from Spacescapes®ß Show, October, 1971 at Center Gallery, 49 W. 57th Street, N.Y., N.Y. Work on card is "Take me to your leader."

"Bardo Passage"

Welded Steel and sprayable PVC "Spacescapes®" Sculpture. painted in DayGlo paints

©1970. 4' x 3'

Collection of artist


Spacescapes® History

I had come up with some very strange welded shapes in the late 60s. Then I heard of a sprayable vinyl called polyvinyl chloride that served as coatings for naval fleets. "Mothballing" naval fleets it was called. The material was tough to use and required a heavy diesel compressor with an expensive Binks pressure gun/hose/pot assembly to force this viscous molasses like material into a spray pattern at 85 psi/23 cfm. I then set about learning the process. It was not easy, particularly learning to operate the heavy equipment with pressure pots and hoses and spray guns.

It was all worth it though because the results were magical - very spacey with holes blown. The webbing agent had a spanability factor of some 24 inches and thus could create curvilinear planes! This was before algorhythmic geometry I think. I made them before there was math to describe them! At one point a math professor from Rollins asked me to create a "perfect circle" using pvc and his wire and wood model.

During 69 - 72, I used the St. Petersburg Dog Track and the Melbourne Airport for my outdoor working studios. PVC was quite flammable and had a low flash point from its use of ketones. I'm sure it is banned now by the EPA!

At any rate, I let these strange bones and skinlike structures dry and harden and then I painted them in DayGlo paints. They were plenty wild! So they deserved a wild name and it happened in 1971 for my show in New York at the Center Gallery, set for October , '71.

That spring I had shown the works at Palm Beach then was invited to be in the Village show in New York.I

I was showing in the Spring '71 Village Show when the sculptures were seen by some gallery people from Center Gallery, 49 west 57th Street, NYC.

Then, Gallery Director Evelyn Marks, asked me what I called my sculptures.

I thought for a minute and said 'Well...they are landscapes in space - Spacescapes!'

That's how Spacescapes® came to be. Just a slip of my tongue that stuck!

When the show opened, a CBS minicam crew came to the gallery, interviewed me and filmed the show. I knew a reporter there, Bill Larson, and had called him for some press coverage. He saw my show, was impressed at its strangeness and said maybe since it had been a slow news day he "could send the "crew " around." The gallery people were ecstatic and actually did not believe me when I came and said CBS TV was coming to film the show. CBS was only a couple of blocks away and sure enough around 1 p.m. they all showed up complete with camera and crew. I got dressed and was interviewed.

The broadcast came on Saturday at 6 p.m. Evening News,Channel 7, New York, October, 1971 right after an interview with General Gavin. As the news anchor began, Now we have " Spacescapes®, by an artist from Florida who has been influenced by our space program."


Spacescapes® show, Oct. 1971

Remember, this was 2 years after Apollo 11 landed on the moon the first time! The Apollo program was going strong.

I've used my name, Spacescapes® for 41 years now!

Stories about Spacescapes® have appeared in Orlando Sentinel, Florida Today, London Telegraph, Sanford Herald, Miami Herald, Plating and Surface Finishing Magazine and other publications included as my website here! Who knew Spacescapes© would be on computers! I had to learn all this technology to get tthe Spacescapes name, ideas and concept up in lights! My training, shows, and all my work are listed on my Resume page.

In 1999, after researching my use and invention of the name, and the 30 year Spaceescapes history with mountains of documentation, attorneys at the U.S.Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. awarded me a serial number for Spacescapes®.

Recently I was interviewed by Discovery Channel for a documentary they are doing about Apollo 13 since I covered that mission also.

Spacescapes Menagerie

steel and pvc on plexiglass

collection of Sydny Hyman, New York




Take Me To your Leader

welded steel and plastic

private collection


Tripod Fish©

steel and pvc, hand painted

collection of Dr. and Mrs. Pat Unger

Indialantic, FL

This work came from my looking at National Geographic Magazine and a story about the tripod fish which resides over a thousand feet in the Pacific Ocean. Dr. Chase the explorer who invented a submarine to photograph this fish, gave me permission to use the pictures to build my own real looking sculpture.




welded steel and Polyvinyl Chloride

24 x 8 x 10



Puff the Magic Dragon

collection of artist

This website,, registered as Cecil Herring's domain in September 1997, exhibits Spacescapes® art works.

Cecil has created art for many years, experimenting, exploring space conceptually, in many media - in 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional works,


photography,l landscapes, digital art, wearable art. sculpture.

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All works on this website are original works by Cecil Herring. They are under copyright© protection and may not be used in any way except by express permission by Cecil Herring.

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