Spacescapes® Art by Cecil Herring

Statement: June, 2007


I've been working larger so I can get textures and shapes and let my mind roam free. I have gone totally non objective searching for new forms not of THIS WORLD!
I made up the name Spacescapes® and trademarked it in 2001 after using the name since 1971. My new works are finally growing into the name I created over 30 years ago. So you say, "what's in a name?" The name means a lot to me and I finally wear it with pride. My early sculptures fit the name perfectly. These recent works look like those early painted Spacescapes® sculptures.
I may never go back to objective painting because I feel freer with what I want to do. It is a far more difficult way to work. I have nothing to go on except my ideas, no copying nature except in an abstract way. More and more as I do these works my ideas come forth. I get my ideas and feelings down onto a canvas with a facile medium. It is very tiring though and if I'm not satisfied with what I am looking at well, it's back to the drawing board. It's my own space exploration. I feel a greater kinship with space explorers. ©2007 C. Herring