Spacescapes® Original Sculptures

by Cecil Herring

Metals and Mixed Media


electroformed copper with ruby eyes

artist collection



welded bronze and copper



Death with Dignity

cow skull, plastic tubing filled with fiberglass resin, jewels, mabe pearl eyes, copper electroformed 'heart' and details


Dr. Reinhartz

welded steel, painted

collection Dr. Harold Reinhartz



welded brass and bronze, cast acrylic resin, embedments



Sight Heelstone

bronze, cast resin, wood




electroformed head with animals, toys, objects, dice, green resin face with enbedments, cast resin base with electroformed sections



Bronze Sculpture with resin embedments

wood backing

Turkey Vulture©

welded steel

12" x 14"



Moon Dog©

welded bronze

29" x 8" x 24"



"Man with Three Arms" installed at Crealde Art Center sculpture garden. Winter Park, FL.

Crealde School of Art is a picturesque setting with many wonderful outdoor sculptures by talented area artists. There are ponds, tropical plantings, galleries and quaint buildings in the Spanish style on the beautifully landscaped campus. Crealde has year-round art training programs in sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing and photograph. It is located at 600 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792, Ph.407-571-1886.


I used the play "The Man With 3 Arms" by Edward Albee for my inspiration for this piece. Albee says it is based on the allegory of fame.

email Letter from Edward Albee sent from Albee Foundation 2002:

I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Albee saw your website and the proposed description of his play in relation to your sculpture. He gives you his blessing.

Be well,

Jacob Holder


welded steel, copper, bronze

@Cecil Herring circa

34" high x 24" long x 11.5" wide

price on request

Tower of Babel

circa 1974- 76


49" x 16" x 15"

price on request


welded bronze and cast acrylic

Purchase Award

Collection of Titusville City Hall


Turkey Vulture

welded steel

16" x 15"

price on request

Running Tiger

Welded Steel

24 x 10

price on request

Moon Dog


Welded bronze

12 x 24

price on request


"The Family"

ARC Welded steel sculpture. 5 feet x 4 feet.


Commissioned by Gainesville Medical Auxiliary for U of F. School of Dentistry

Sculpture is located at University of Florida Medical Library, Gainesville, FL

"Moon Goddess"


Welded copper and bronze sculpture

6 feet.

Collection of Victor Harrigan


Electroformed head with ruby eyes


3/4 life size.Collection of the artist

price on request

view of my living room and "Erl Konig" on the table (frgrnd) chess set, and "Mother is Yellow" sculpture of PVC and welded steel mobile hanging, "Flying Wallendas" is on pedestal (rt corner) Spacescapes paintings on wall.


Tabernacle Cover

Bronze welded one piece of sculpture collection commissioned by St. Charles Cathedral, Orlando, FL

Edgewater Drive, Orlando.


"Erl Konig"


Inspired by Wolfgang Goethe's poem of the same name. welded copper and bronze

24" long x 22" high x 8" wide

mounted on dark green granite base 28" x 14" x 3/4"

garden piece



"Blue Heron"

Welded Bronze



"Maid - 2003"

A modern Joan of Arc

Bronze 24" long x 18" high x 8" wide

Vert butterfly granite base


Stargazer II


21" x 5" x 4"


Koi Fish Light

24 x 9 x 12

original work, one of a kind

Finished, lighted piece (shown at Avalon Gallery Jan./2004 in 2 person digital show)

"Hardware vs Software"

wood armature (see above) covered covered with digitally printed rice paper from a pattern I created that was inspired by the Koi digital painting see digital

It is very lightweight and quite strong!

price on request


Collection of the artist

see News

Studios: 3242 Bretton Woods Terr., Deltona, FL 32725

Studio Phone 386-789-8010or 386-717-4208