Spacescapes® Original Sculptures

by Cecil Herring

Metals and Mixed Media

welded, electroformed or forged.

Turkey Vulture©

welded steel

12" x 14"



Moon Dog©

welded bronze

29" x 8" x 24"


Running Tiger

welded steel

28 x 12 x 22




electroformed copper with ruby eyes

artist collection



welded bronze and copper



Death with Dignity

cow skull, plastic tubing filled with fiberglass resin, jewels, mabe pearl eyes, copper electroformed 'heart' and details


Dr. Reinhartz

welded steel, painted

collection Dr. Harold Reinhartz



welded brass and bronze, cast acrylic resin, embedments



Sight Heelstone

bronze, cast resin, wood




electroformed head with animals, toys, objects, dice, green resin face with enbedments, cast resin base with electroformed sections



Bronze Sculpture with resin embedments



The Family

welded steel

commissioned for U. of Florida Dental Society

located in U. of Florida Medical Library

5' high

Gainesville, FL


purchase award, city of Titusville

bronze and cast resin


The Doctor's model for a clock

welded bronze and copper

12 feet by 6 feet

commisssioned by private collector

Gallery Installation of 1st Spacescapes® show at

Center Gallery, 49 W. 57th Street. N.Y. C

all these works are welded steel and sprayable polyvinyl, painted with DayGlo.

They glow in UV light! 37 pieces were in the show.