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  • All artists are vain, they long to be recognised and to leave
    something to posterity. They want to be loved, and at the
    same time they want to be free. But nobody is free.
    Francis Bacon
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  • Creating Spacescapes©
  • Cecil Herring spraying PVC sculpture over a welded steel armature using a diesel compressor and a Binks Spray System.
  • 1970 photo taken in St. Petersburg.
  • Cecil Herring e-mail: cherring@spacescapes.com
    Website: http://www.spacescapes.com
    Resume: Cecil Herring
    3242 Bretton Woods Terrace, Deltona, FL 32725
    Phone: 386-789-8010
  • Cecil Herring has been a practicing artist for 55 years and has shown sculpture, paintings, digital art, wearable art and jewelry in galleries and museums in San Francisco, Cologne, Germany, Beijing, China, New York, Miami, Orlando across the U.S. and Europe and on-line internationally.
  • Began art studies at 21 in hometown Miami with Patrick DeLong, painting professor at North Miami High School night course.
  • Pensacola Jr. Collge, Carl Duke, painting, drawing, composition 1958
  • Pensacola Art Center, studied with Emil Holzhauer, student of Robert Henri, 1959
  • U. of Florida,studied with Hiram Williams, PRMcIntosh, student of Robert Henri, famous American impressionist, 1960.
  • Seminole C. C.; drawing, painting, paper making, composition; Studied with Grady Kimsey, painting, Jane Edison, Paper Making, Robert McGee, design, received A. A.degree, with honors, cum laude, 1984.
  • Arrowmont School of Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN, Electroforming metals, with Stanley Lechtzin, metalsmith and chairman of metals program, Temple Univ. Began new design phase creating lightweight large one of a kind wearable art in gold, silver and copper. Dr. Lechtzin was known world wide for his unique wearable art and jewelry.
  • Arrowmont School of Crafts, Nilda Getty, U. of Colorado, wearable Art, jewelry construction
  • Private Study, Ruth Roach, jewelry construction
  • studied at U.C.F. 77-86, B. A., Humanities-the Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Theater, Writing, Music, 1986
  • Steve Lotz, painting and drawing, Wyatt Wyatt, writing, Dr. Gary Wolf, continued her classical piano study, Johann Eyfells, sculpture, where she cast metals and began mixed media sculpture phase with cast plastics, metals with electroforming. creating surrealistic works with embedments and sewing metals on fabrics, and painting on fabrics.
  • awarded BA in Humanities, the Arts, painting, sculpture, music, theatre and creative writing at U.C.F.,1986.
  • post Bac, went to McFatter Technical School in 1992, graduated 1995, studied with Denise Vijanc, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Painter, received certification, Macintosh software and hardware.
  • 1995 her digital work selected by Arizona State U. for wwomenonline, women's global Invitational in Beijing, China for 4th World's Women Congress, chaired by Hillary Clinton, sponsored by United Nations at pioneering event called World's Women On-line http://wwol.inre.asu.edu/
  • 1995 - Moved to Volusia County and set up studio and website, one of the first on-line before Google, http://www.spacescapes.com
  • 1995-96, Ms. Herring invited by Stetson Professor of Ceramics Dan Gunderson to set up a new Digital Institute at Stetson U., Deland, FL, assisting Computer-math Chairman, Dr. Michael Branton, taught Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and Painter until a regular digital staff could be hired by Stetson whereupon she returned to her own successful professional art career in 1998.
    In1995 her digital work was shown in Beijing, China at the 4th Women's Congress, chaired by Hillary Clinton, sponsored by United Nations at a pioneer event called World's Women On-line http://wwol.inre.asu.edu/
    Cologne Art Fair 2004, Germany, she showed 5 digital works beamed on a 30 ft. Electronic Wall in an International Invitational Show with 12 artists from Japan, U.S. Australia and Germany.
  • She won a Kodak Innovator Award for large format digital printing and exhibited the work at Siggraph, 2000 in the Mosconi Hall, San Francisco.
  • Digital work published in Photography, 7th Ed. Prentice Hall. Her works are included in many websites.
  • Her paintings, sculptures, wearable art works, experimental mixed media works and one of a kind jewelry pieces are in many public and private collections including the President Gerald R. Ford Collection at Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Mich where her sterling silver eagle pendant commissioned for Mrs. Betty Ford is located.
  • A former photojournalist and feature writer for Florida Today, Melbourne Times, Reuters and Fairchild Publications, she won the Penney-Missouri Journalism award for her feature writing at Florida Today.
  • She has been invited to exhibit works online on websites in many countries including the NASA website. Her website with her registered domain and trademarked name is at http://www.spacescapes.com. (registered domain for 10 years)
  • Won Kodak Innovator Award for large format digital printing and exhibited the work at Siggraph, 2000 in the Mosconi Hall, San Francisco.
  • Digital work published in Photography, 7th Ed. Prentice Hall, page 236.
  • Cologne Art Fair 2004, Cologne, Germany, Herring showed 5 digital works beamed on "Electronic Wall" 30 ft. Electronic Wall in International Invitational Show with 12 artists from Japan, U.S., Australia and Germany.
  • Going back to her multi media training, Herring's diptych painting in two parts, "St. John's River" 30" x 80" acrylic landscape was juried into Museum of Florida Art 7th Biennial, Deland Fl by
  • Frank Holt, Director of Museum of American Art, also known as the Mennello Museum, juried Cecil Herring's painting "St. John's River," 30" x 80" diptych, acrylic on canvas into Florida Museum 7th Biennial, Deland, 2008

  • See Cecil Herring, Google or Spacescapes on any search engine. She has worked for over 50 years as an artist.
    Focused on central Florida where she has lived since 1965. She fell in love with Volusia County landscapes and seascapes and painted more than 50 works in a collection of Florida landscapes,florals and figurative works on canvas using painting knives with bold thick strokes.
  • Currently in 2009 she is focusing on her Spacescapes® again with a series of Quantum Physics Concepts in Art.
  • Selected Shows S - Solo I - Invitational, (all juried shows)
  • 1957- Invitational show at Pensacola Little Theatre
  • 1958- Juried show at Pensacola Art Center
    1959 - Motorola Annual National Show, Chicago, Ill
    1959 - Florida Federated Arts, DeBary Museum Show, DeBary, FL
    Solo 1964 - Paintings, J. Hillis Miller Medical Center, U. of FL
    1971 - Festival of States, St. Petersburg, FL
    Solo 1971 - Spacescapes® installation NYC, 49 W. 57th Street, New York, N.Y.
    Solo 1972 - Spacescapes®, installation, Sampson Art Gallery, Stetson University
    Solo 1972- Spacescapes®, Air Force Space Museum, Cape Canaveral
    Solo 1972 - Spacescapes, Gallery Three, Miami
    1972- Group Juried Sculpture Show, Florida Sculpture Society, Bacardi Gallery, Miami
  • Seagull, welded steel and PVC, shown at Barcardi Gallery, Biscayne Blvd, Miami.
    1974 - Mainsails, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Won 1st sculpture, "Basilisk," welded steel, copper, bronze on steel base. 4 feet approx.

  • 1974 - Stephen Foster memorial Craft Competition, White Springs, FL
    Solo 1975, 1977 Sculpture, Maitland Art Center, Maitland, FL
    Solo 1975 - Sculpture, Brevard Community College, Cocoa, FL
    Solo 1976 - Wearable Art and Jewelry, Kelsey Jewelist, Indian Harbour Beach, FL
    1977 - Members' Juried Show, Loch Haven Art Center and Museum, Orlando
    1979 - Museums' Choice, Loch Haven Art Center and Museum (OMA)
    1979 - A Salute to Belgium, Southeastern Crafts Invitational, Birmingham Museum, AL
    1979 - "24 Collection," Miami
    Solo 1979 - Wearable Art, Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami
    Solo 1980 - The Artful Christmas, Joan Ling Gallery, Gainesville, FL
  • Jeweled Crown with semi precious stones, electroformed, silver plated.
    1981- Art to Wear, Miami Fashion Council, invitational
    Solo 1981 -Multimedia Show, Seminole Community College, Sanford, FL
    1984 - Maitland Art Center and Museum
    1983 - Fellowship at Atlantic Center for the Arts, Mia Westerlund Roosen, sculptor, (Edward Albee and Reynolds Price)
    1983 -" SurFin," metals use, national symposium and trade show at Moscone Hall, San Francisco. I invited by Director and Plating and Surface Finishing Magazine to exhibit.
    Cover story in Plating and Surface Finishing Magazine about my work in electroforming. Gave Lectures and workshops in this medium. Gave a workshop at Daytona Beach Community College.
    1983 - served on Art Selection Committee for Fifth District Court of Appeals new courthouse. Daytona Beach, FL
    Received AA cum laude, Seminole Community College, 1984
    Received BA degree in Humanities, the Arts, painting, sculpture, theatre, music, creative writing, UCF 1986
  • Graduated and certified in Digital art, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Painter at McFatter Technical School, Davie, FL 1995.
  • Last 20 years of Invitational, juried and solo Shows:
  • 1988 - Oriental Rugs as Inspiration, Maitland Center
    1989 - Rollins College, Cornell Fine Arts Center, Winter Park, FL
    1991 - 40th Anniversary Exhibition Broward Art Guild
    1991 - Brevard Art Center and Museum, Member's Show, Melbourne
    1992 - "Human Image exhibition," Broward Art guild, 1ST Self Portrait Award.
    Ft. Lauderdale, held at Broward Community College.
    1993 - Bonnet Lily Invitational, Bonnet House, Ft. Lauderdale
    1994 Coral Springs Artist Guild Broward Community College, Best of Show, Portrait of Cindy and Suzanna. "Suzanna Dressed." 24 x 30 oil on canvas
    1994 - Summer Garden Party, watercolor, Broward Art Guild, 3rd place
    1994 "Justice and the Human Spirit," 12 Women Artists, St. Thomas University, Miami
    1995 - "East Meets West", Sarasota Art Center Women's Caucus for Art, Sarasota
    1995 - "Bardo Passage Wave." digital work selected by Arizona State U. to be included in WWOL - world's women on line, juried by Muriel Magenta, Arizona State U., to be shown in Beijing, China as part of United Nations 4th World Conference on Women - 800 women from all over the world. http://wwol.inre.asu.edu/
    1995 - Electronic Images, Palm Beach Community College, Palm Beach, FL
    1995 - Art and Technology Show, Orlando Museum
    1996 - Art and Technology Show, Orlando Museum. Designed Show flyer. 1996 - Digital Art using Ezekiel, Bible's Old Testament Prophet used as inspiration for space travel.
  • 1996 - Osceola County Library, Kissimmee, FL Solo show digital works
    1997 - 1 st Annual All-Media Exhibition Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven
    1997 "Body Non Specific" Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven, FL
    1997 Orlando Museum Shop, Artist of the Month, Solo
    1998 - NASA invited Cecil to show her painting Cassini Tracking Saturn I on the Cassini website at Cassini tracking Saturn I painting, 40 x 40 x 2, painted on plexiglass.
    2000 - U. of Central Florida Library Gallery solo show
    2000 Won the 2 nd place Kodak National Innovator Award for large format digital printing. Work shown at Moscone Hall, San Francisco at Seybold 2000Digital Symposium. In Kodak Collection, Rochester, N.Y.
    2001 - Digital work "Koi" was published in Photography, 7th Edition, published by Prentice-Hall

  • 2001 - Fifth Avenue Gallery, Melbourne, Solo
    2002 - "High Resolution: Digital Art in the 21st Century at Lake Erie College, Paynesville, Ohio. Invitational 12 artists from the US.
    2002 - Spacescapes® Minos Gallery - Cocoa, FL Solo 2003 - "How My Garden Grows," Wachovia Financial Center, Orlando, oils and acrylics.Solo 2005 - DeBary Hall, DeBary, FL Florida Landscapes and Florals. Solo 2004 - "Electronic Wall," a 30 foot digital wall at Cologne Art Fair, 2004, Germany Invitational for Japan, USA, Germany and Australia
    invited along with 12 digital artists from Germany, Japan, U.S., and Australia. Cologne Art Fair is held at the Palladium, one of the largest art venues in Europe. 4 digital works shown at the installation at http://www.spacescapes.com (home page view)
    2004 EPCOT, Bronze sculpture, exhibited at Walt Disney World, Sculpture Garden, International Flower Show. Invitational.
    2004 - Red is the Color of ...", Avalon Gallery, Orlando, BEST OF SHOW
    2005 - DeBary Mansion, DeBary, FL Florida Landscapes and Florals. Solo
    2006 - Grand Bohemian Hotel Gallery, Orlando, 2 person show "Expressionist Landscapes." With Jean Claude Roy of France.
    2007 - Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando, Small Works Show, juried.
    2007 - OVAL (Orlando Visual Arts Show) Member show. (closing OVAL)
    2008 - Florida Biennial IV - Florida Museum, Deland, FL, juried show - 80" x 30" diptych in 2 parts of St. John's River, acrylic on canvas. June - August. 2008
  • Publications using my art works and writings:
    1999 - invited to publish a paper on creating art on Mars for 2000 the Milleneum, now on website Mars2020.net dedicated to training students, published at http://www.mars2030.net/ a web site jointly sponsored by NASA, The Getty Foundation, The White House, NEA, and the Planetary Society. http://mmp.planetary.org/artis/herrc/herrc70.htm
    at Epcot sculpture garden, International flower and Garden Show, 2004 where she has a bronze sculpture on exhibition.
    Juried Heathrow Show, 2005, Ft. Pierce, Amelia Island, Vero Beach Shows.
    Serve on selection committee for 5th District Court of Appeals, new building, Art in Putlic Places.
    1983 - Fellowship, Atlantic for the Arts, Mia Westerlund Roosen, (Edward Albee, Reynolds Price)
    Feature stories in London Telegraph, Humana Magazine, Plating and Surface Finishing Magazine, The Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, Florida Today, Sanford Herald and Daytona News Journal. She has appeared on television Channel 7, ABC news New York, Channel 6, Orlando and has been filmed by area film makers Bill Suchy, Aaron Jordan and Mike Hirsch at Gaslight Productions. 2003.
    First Lady Betty Ford, Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, MI, commission sterling silver pendant, commemorating the dedication of Creel Elementary School, Melbourne, FL Cecil received a letter from the White House with a photo of Mrs. Ford wearing the pendant. Cecil fashioned the pendant at her Titusville studio
    Cocoa Beach High School, commission "Minute Man" 4' copper sculpture
    Brevard Symphony Orchestra, commission, bronze "Maestro" Award, Small bronze of Arturo Toscanini. Purchase Award, sculpture "Zek" City of Titusville, Welded bronze and molded plastic.
    7 bronze altar pieces for Saint Charles Cathedral commissioned by Orlando Diocese
    U. Florida Medical Library, 5' welded steel, "The Family", commissioned by Gainesville Dental Guild
    Heart of Florida, United Way, Orlando, commissioned 6 x 6 foot digital mural for United Way lobby in downtown Orlando.
    First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, digital work, also part of Lord Byron Mass at Church presentation.
    Americatel Corp., Miami, 25 digital original prints
    Kodak, Rochester, N. Y.
    Orlando Modern Art Collection, c/o Avalon Island.
    Phase 2 Publishing, Los Angeles, watercolors and digital works Ikon Corp., commissioned poster, Orlando,
    "Man with 3 Arms" a 7' bronze welded sculpture, located in Crealde Sculpture Garden, Winter Park.
    Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando
    Lane Bryant Stores of Florida
    United Way of Central Florida, Lobby Plaque and portraits, (commission)
    Paulucci Enterprises, Sanford, FL Sculpture
    ReMax Realty, Indialantic, FL paintings
    Memorial Hospital, Savannah, GA, paintings
    Goldfield Corp, Melbourne, Bronze Wall Hanging, commission
  • Private collections in Europe, Spain, Norway and U. S. A.
  • 2008 - Juried show Florida Bienniale "St. John's River in 2 parts," acrylic 80" x 30 x 2 gallery wrapped on canvas, Florida Museum, Deland, FL
  • 2011, Jan/Feb. - St. John's River in 2 parts on cover of Deland Magazine
  • 2011 - Jan.14 Feb. 5 solo show White Coffee Cup Coffeehouse, DeBary, FL
    ph. 386-789-8010
  • To see artworks and sculpture show in Spacescapes Original Show visit:
  • http://www.spacescapes.com/
    e-mail: cherring@spacescapes.com