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Cassini Tracking Saturn I, by Cecil Herring, painting created 1997, My painting is on the JPL.NASA.gov site at http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/photos/imagedetails/index.cfm?imageId=614


Details: Original Painting: Acrylics, mixed media on the back of plexiglass laminated/backed with heavy watercolor paper, 40 x 40 x 2 inches. rocket blasted off for Saturn Oct. 15, 1997 and arrived at Saturn's orbit in 2004.

Note: Honored to have been invited by Mission Designer Charles Kohlhase, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Labortories, Pasadena, CA to include Herring's work on this award winning website.


Riverhouse Pottery and Gift Gallery features Florida Artist Cecil Herring works: Florida landscapes, florals, spacescapes, and other one of a kind works. Many other Florida artists, potters, glass artists, jewelers, weavers are featured. Credit cards accepted. Gallery is located at 118 S. Palmetto Ave., Sanford, FL 32771 Phone: 407.323.9272. The Riverhouse Pottery Art Gallery is located in beautiful historic downtown Sanford Florida's Arts District on Palmetto Street. Convenient online art gallery gift shop with a variety of unique gifts. 


Sanford has become the best 'art town' in Central Florida!


Riverhouse Pottery :: Art Gallery Gift Shop


118 S. Palmetto Ave., Sanford, Florida

Showing Spacescapes® Art by Cecil Herring

Riverhouse Pottery Art Gallery is located in beautiful historic downtown Sanford Florida's Arts District on Palmetto Street near Riverwalk on Lake Monroe. Spend the day visiting art galleries. Open Tuesday - Sunday, call for hours 407-323-9272.

Owners/Directors Kim and Pete House work late making gorgeous pottery and sometimes get in around "noon."


I have many works all around the gallery midst wonderful pottery, weaving, prints and works of over 40 artists of Central Florida. Fountains, furniture, jewelry, windchimes and a working pottery complete with kilns. It is an amazing place.

Left to right top: Digispeak, New Land, Puzzle Lake, French Riviera,

Bottom from left, Red Orchids Pink, Millie's Lilies, Amarylis Garden and White orchids on the easel (rt).riverhouse-pottery-:/:-art-gallery-&-gift-shop/details/


You Tube Videos of Florida Biennial IV including my St. John's River View




My favorite Italian Restaurant!

Tony's NewYorkPizza

Deland, FL


Florida Museum Florida Biennial IV art exhibition June 6 - Aug. 24

AbsoluteArts.com is the oldest and most respected on-line galleries. Marcus Kruse, the director, put the site up in 1995. I think it is one of the oldest on the worldwide web. I put up my own trademarked domain Spacescapes® in 1997 back when you only had to ask Yahoo to put your website on their list for artists! All links were accepted FREE!

Visit Cecil's art works portfolio at








Art Directory - Free Art Link Directory




Join my friends and me at


It's a fun way to keep in touch

Delicious Amano Artisan Chocolates! What a story! What chocolates!

I painted this painting of a chocolate forest for the Amano Chocolate Company in Orem, Utah. Chocolate trees are amazing trees. Birds migrate to the areas of chocolate trees in South and Central America and stay to raise a new family. Mr. Pollard, the developer of his special Amano Chocolates, has made chocolate making an art so he commissioned me to make art about the chocolate tree! I asked to be paid in chocolate because it hopped me up so much I started composing music too!!! I am going to write a chocolate symphony!


"This chocolate hopped me up so much I started composing music!"




Museum Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 10-4
Sunday 1-4
Monday Closed

The DeLand Museum of Art
600 N. Woodland Boulevard
DeLand, Florida, 32720




About Us - Background and History

In 1950, a group of women in DeLand, Florida wanted a museum for their community. With thirteen dollars as seed funding and a priceless amount of determination, the DeLand Museum of Art got its start. Founded by the American Association of University Women in 1951, the DeLand Children's Museum was established to provide classes in the arts, sciences, and history for children. Originally the Museum was located in a small house, later relocating to a larger, 19th century home to add adult programs. In 1965, it was incorporated as The DeLand Museum. In 1985, due to the growth of community interest, the museum redefined to focus more on visual art and thus became The DeLand Museum of Art.

In 1991, the Museum moved into the Cultural Arts Center, a $2.25 million dollar facility shared with The Sands Theater Center. This move more than doubled the gallery space to 6,000 square feet and provided classrooms, a vault for storage of the Museum's permanent collection, a Museum Shop, receiving and preparation area, and a shared kitchen and lobby areas. Located in downtown DeLand, across the street from Stetson University, the Museum works closely with the University as an important partner.

Since the 1991, move to the Cultural Arts Center, the expanded facility has allowed the Museum to bring to the community national caliber exhibitions such as Ansel Adams, Icons of the Twentieth Century: Portraits by Yousuf Karsh, The Spirit of Africa, Audubon in Florida, and Audubon Treasures, It's a Dog's Life: Photographs by William Wegman from the Polaroid Corporation, also showcasing work of established and emerging Florida artists.

The DeLand Museum of Art has served as a cultural cornerstone of the city and county dedicated to presenting and educating in the visual arts. The Museum's exhibitions and programs attracted attention throughout Central Florida. The educational commitment was expanded with the growth of art programs for children, classes for adults and youth and gallery tours. The Museum has grown from a small house into a shared cultural arts center facility providing high quality exhibitions and programming for all ages. Working with the community, the museum is committed to education, partnerships, providing a venue for emerging and established Florida artists through exhibitions with service to a broad constituency in the visual arts. The DeLand Museum of Art was recognized in 2005 as "The Biggest Little Museum in the State" by the Orlando Sentinel.

Vision Statement: The DeLand Museum of Art will be recognized as an innovative and accredited museum providing a creative awakening for a diverse audience through quality art and educational experiences.

Mission Statement: The mission of The DeLand Museum of Art is to integrate exhibitions and education to create an enriching and stimulating experience for a diverse audience. The Museum works to offer a venue for emerging and established Florida artists to support the cultural legacy of our state.

Values: The DeLand Museum of Art values and works to ensure:
QUALITY: in programs, collection and exhibitions. DIVERSITY: in audiences, leadership and partners. GOVERANCE: in sound business practices, fiscal management for the mission. COMMITMENT: to service to artists, community and to the above values.

Service Commitment: The DeLand Museum of Art offers a venue where: creativity is fostered; appreciation of art is nurtured; all people are welcomed.


Riverhouse Pottery Art Gallery is an Art Gallery Gift Shop featuring clay pottery, oil paintings and other Unique Gift Ideas. The Riverhouse Pottery Art Gallery is located in beautiful historic downtown Sanford Florida's Arts District on Palmetto Street. Convenient online art gallery gift shop with a variety of unique gifts. 


Sanford has become the best 'art town' in Central Florida!


Riverhouse Pottery :: Art Gallery Gift Shop


118 S. Palmetto Ave., Sanford, Florida

Showing Spacescapes® Art by Cecil Herring

Riverhouse Pottery Art Gallery is located in beautiful historic downtown Sanford Florida's Arts District on Palmetto Street near Riverwalk on Lake Monroe. Spend the day visiting art galleries. Open Tuesday - Sunday, call for hours 407-323-9272.

Owners/Directors Kim and Pete House work late making gorgeous pottery and sometimes get in around "noon."


I have many works all around the gallery midst wonderful pottery, weaving, prints and works of over 40 artists of Central Florida. Fountains, furniture, jewelry, windchimes and a working pottery complete with kilns. It is an amazing place.

Left to right top: Digispeak, New Land, Puzzle Lake, French Riviera,

Bottom from left, Red Orchids Pink, Millie's Lilies, Amarylis Garden and White orchids on the easel (rt).

My mentor and teacher at University of Florida: He was a wonderful colorist and painter. He was so nice to me. I used to go out to his studio on Lake Bivins Arms in Gainesville. He taught me many things.


This site has been on TV - it is wonderful with all kinds of handmades!



ArtQuotes.net Art Directory..

many very inspiring quotes from famous artists. The nice people at artquotes.net included my site!


Search Art Directory, Artist, Performing Art, Visual Art
SearchArtDirectory.com is a valuable reference for artists, students and collectors interested in artists, painting, galleries, performing art, magazine, caricature, drawing, sculptor, photography, visual art, art shopping, music and more.



Upstreampeoplegallery.com awarded Special Recognition for

Radical Pond

oil on canvas

Show opened Dececmber 1, 2006 and continues through 2007




Upstreampeoplegallery.com accepted all five entries for 5th Annual Color Bold/Subtle International on-line juried Art Exhibition



Museum of Computer Art

Features my computer art. This is an important link to a well run organization bringing top quality digital works from around the world.

Digital Pioneer President Don Archer carefully juries each work.


This British on-line Gallery features a smashing virtual tour. I was invited to include 6 works in my own little gallery.



Art Director Tom Chambers' web gallery



My dear art professor's son has set up a fabulous website with many examples of Mr. P. R. McIntosh's incredible works. He was a long time art professor at the U. of Florida in Gainesville. I went to his wonderful studio on Lake Bivin's Arms many times and learned many innovative art techniques from him. He was born in 1897 and passed away in 1985. He painted hundreds of paintings throughout his long life. He was a pioneer in using acrylics.




Beautiful gallery in downtown Orlando.

Cecil Herring exhibited her Florida Landscapes in a show called "Expressionist Landscapes" with wonderful French painter, Jean Claude Roy, in 2006.


Middle top Yellow Field, Orchid Bouquet, Greek Life

below Yellow Field: Sunning, DeBary Field, River's Edge

bottom: Lake Grass, St. John's Woods, Remains of the DayMiddle rt,

all oils on canvas. Visit Florida Gallery for thumbnails, sizes and availability.


I was honored to be invited by Director Lonnie Dunbier of


to add my name and biography to his wonderful Blue Book of American Artists!

She has many famous artists and stories about them. She might help identify that masterpiece in the attic you want to know how much it's worth!

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensly every hundreth of a second." - Marc Riboud

Craig Trocino
Photographer, Apple Certified Trainer
Inner Light Studios
(352) 357-0321

Exploring the Universe


I was Invited by NASA and the Planetary Society to be a space artist on Mars Millenniium Project:


"Exploring the Universe," a digital work and a paper written on living as an artist on Mars was included on The Mars Millennia Project, underwritten by NASA, Planetary Society, NEA, The White House, Getty Foundation. NASA and the Planetary Society invited top international artists, engineers, and space scientists to present papers and images for this exciting site, designed by a consortium of talented designers and space explorers for a theoretical Martian colony/village for the 21st Century. Primarily it was designed to stimulate student involvement and interest in the space sciences.There are many schools throughout the world taking part in this worthy on-going interactive project.







"Mars Millennium Project"

"Exploring the Universe"

Exploring the Universe, digital work

I was invited to be on this site by the famous Charley Kohlhase, designer of the Voyager


Herring's first international digital art show in 1995 when "Bardo Passage Wave" was juried into "World'sWomen On-Line" at the 4th Women's Congress, chaired by Hillary Clinton, in Bejing, China. Cecil represented the USA with a digital work called"Bardo Passage Wave."

WWOL is a United Nations project bringing the art of 800 women from around the world to global attention. The project director used batteries in tents for hookups to show this early internet art show!

In 1995 there were no global internet art hookups.

We've come a long way, girls.

Show was juried by Pioneer digital artist and teacher Muriel Magenta of Arizona State U.



Bardo Passage Wave

one of my first digital works created in 1994

using Photoshop 2, shown in invitational WWOL show, 1995

I used one of my earlier Spacescapes® sculptures called Bardo Pasage, steel and polyvinyl chloride as a model for this digital work.

Wonderful photos from Erich Fritz's "Electronic Energy" Wall at Cologne Art Fair 2004


Fritz is a wonderful artist and designer there in Cologne, Germany

The event was held in Cologne at the Palladium, a huge munitions factory now an art venue. 10,000 people attended.


NASA website link for my painting "Cassini Tracking I." see space art gallery

Breaking news June 30, 2004

Cassini Tracking Saturn I

mixed media

40 x 40 framed

above painting is at this link:





Cassini story




Spacescapes stamps

Recently, the U.S. Postal Service called me and asked for my comments to give to the U.S. Postmaster General about continuing the postal service's pilot program allowing the public to order real US stamps from their favorite snapshots.

I said, "By all means continue the project! It is a wonderful idea. I made 3 sets of real postage stamps printed with my art works. What if there had been such a program when Rembrandt and Picasso were alive? Those stamps would be priceless now! This is a way for stamp collectors to make a mini art collection!"

The postal representative said they would consider my comments. I love my art stamps!


Memories of my life as an artist

Spacescapes Show, New York, NY. 1971




Who's Who Guide of Art




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http://www.livingartistgallery.com has included several of my art works in its shows


This ART NETWORK site owned by Cecil Herring.
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The Digital Art Museum shows my digital works. Thank you Digital Art Museum!


Art buying link!

Rick an Lisa Russell represents Florida Artists on-line!



My paintings and prints are displayed and for sale on this website for Florida Artists!

This a wonderful website! The director has included my works.

Digital Consciousness logo by Michael Millevolte  

APS Tech Catalogue featured my work in their 2000 Edition!


Submit your page to 34 popular sites for free, using one form! Add Me!


Do you YAHOO?


Worldwide Women Artists - Quality Art Direct from Artists

Yahoo Search: Arts





Absolutearts.com is also



Digital artists organization based in Sarasota Florida.

Digital Fine Artist Association



Art Promote


BusinessLinksList.com - Business Directory  

Shopping-dir-2008 - A Shopping Directory




Art Director Tom Chambers' web gallery





This is the NASA website for my painting "Cassini Tracking Saturn I." I love space exploration and the great new images it produces for us artists! I can see shuttle launches from my studio and visit the SpacePort often.

As you study my website, the REAL Cassini spacecraft is traversing towards Saturn. It launched in 1997 and is due to arrive at Saturn in 2007! This amazing mission was designed by my friend Rocket Scientist Charles Kohlhase, of NASA' Jet Propulsion Labs at Pasadena, CA. His work has been inspirational to me.


This is a very interesting site with hundreds of links!



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Wonderful little museum, Ridge Art Center in Lakeland, FL

They support Florida Artists!





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