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Orchid and Sculpture Garden




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Two Cymbidiums

acrylic on linen canvas

36 x 36



I love orchids! They are enchanting, like people, all different, around 200,000 varieties between what nature and man has created (by hybridizing.)

My Mother started the family hobby of orchid growning. She received her first orchid in the 40s when my father brought home a wild Oncidium orchid from the Everglades. * Note: it is illegel now to take wild orchids from their native habitats.

It was a big wild plant with tiny dotted orange 'tiger' orchid flowers growing on a dead stump. It was happy in its Miami home until a hurricane blew it away after 20 years!

Then my husband got the orchid 'bug,' later, my daughters, and me too! You can never have too many plants with an orchid addiction!

Here is my private sculpture garden with orchids growing every place. I enjoy sitting and day dreaming here.

One clever mother bird decided to put her nest in the middle of my orchid pots. They were safe there.

This pretty mother bird has 4 little birds under her. She let me come close with my digital camera with a watchful eye.



And HERE THEY ARE, ALL 4 babies with pretty feathers coming!

Mother bird was a good mom! (later they all flew away, as little birds ought to!)


Another Critter! I think it's a possum who posed for my camera in my garden this morning! He's cute.


Mr. or Mrs. Possum or his heirs still live in my backyard, driving Boss dog wild. There is a whole family now and last week they all napped in the top of a spindly dead tree destined for the electric saw. We had to keep the dead tree with the family of possums. I don't how they can survive with a dog and cat but they are still out there driving the dog wild at night when they roam. They sleep all day!




White Orhids in a straw basket





40 x 30 x 2

oil on canvas


Orchid Bouquet

heavily textured original oil on gallery wrapped canvas

36 x 36 x 2 inches

$1900 US + shipping and handling


Orchid Redrawn

orginal watercolor

28 x 22

framed and matted to 30 x 36 inches

$900 + shipping and handling

"Man with 3 Arms" welded bronze - life size, circa 1983-84

This work is been affixed to a large concrete base and located in the sculpture collection at the Crealde Sculpture Garden in Winter Park, FL. Stop by the garden and see a wonderful sculpture collection! see sculpture gallery




"Erlkonig," copper and bronze, welded, and forged. 24" x 18" x 8" 1977

This sculpture is based on the poem "The Erlkonig" or the Erl King, by Wolfgang von Goethe

It has been placed in my garden.


"Tower of Babel." welded bronze, 4' x 2 "


"Akenaten" welded bronze and copper 3.5' high 1973.


Garden view with orchids and sculptures.



welded bronze, lifesize


Nun's Orchid - a terrestrial orchid, meaning it grows in soil.Orchid blooms on many 3 foot high stalks, really quite wonderful, dozens of little orchids.


Henrietta Japhat

I love this orchid. It is so light and pure.

One of these days I'm going to paint a watercolor of it!

Cattlea Skinnei Alba "Debbie"

This is also a lovely variety and a wonderful bloomer!


This Orchid painting was painted from my Sunset Gold Cattlea Orchid.

40 x 40

enamel on canvas

Amaryllis Garden


30 x 36


"Watermelon Gold" watercolor of orchids and mangoes

26" x 21"

$225 unframed

"The Dream" welded copper and cast blue plastic 4' high


Space Orchids, acrylic on plexiglass 32" x 30" framed

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