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favorite quote:

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."
Oscar Wilde
Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 - 1900)






Me as Aida

The Artist as Aida

by Cecil Herring painted circa 1962

30 x 38

oil on linen canvas

Cindy Moe Collection

Cecil painting plein aire in France, my favorite place to paint!

Cecil Paints at Gateway Center for the Art

First demonstration in beautiful Gateway Center for the Arts, DeBary, FL 9/2009

I had a great time! Big crowd came.

Saxon Blvd and 17-92, DeBary, FL




Show Stoppers!

Best Loo Left Sally, right, Eleanor at Avalon Red is the color of ...Show Aug. 2004.

"Nanostructure of a Red Hair" painting (rt) won best of show. I'm in the middle! I love these girls. They have saved my life many times!


Oval on Orange Gallery/Studios at 29 S. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL - we had an opening party every 3rd Thursday - 5-9 with music, art, food and fun! This was in 2001. Poor Erl is gone now. He was special.


"Good Lunch"

French Lunch

22" x 17"


This was photograph of friends. I digitally recolored painting group I was with in France! I just sat back and admired the wonderful ambience of the French Cafe with great Salade Nicoise...Later, I came home and painted my memories taken at our French Villa during lunch! This photo was scanned and recolored. I need a new trip! Think I will take one soon!




"The Gardener's Favorite Tree"

Digitized photograph printed on canvas.

14" x 24"

©1998 Cecil Herring

My Green Rose Nursery friend Marcello Silver LOVES plants and has a nursery full of rare and exotic species.



"Portrait #1 Box"

Digitized photo on canvas

28" x 24"

Mounted on a luan box - see digitalgall

She was on the French trip but she Looks like a Matisse to me!

She was from Cincinatti and a tough nut to crack! She wanted the window open all the time and it was cold on French nights.


Astronaut gives me 'high sign' at the Spaceport USA





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